Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lakeland Wishlist

I have a sneaky feeling that we might be moving in September. What tells me this? Well, in September Dylan will be two. Where we live now doesn't have a bath, so currently, we bath Dylan in an underbed storage box which he is quickly getting too long to sit in. I mean, I've been harping on for months about my burning desire for a bath - I haven't stepped foot in Lush since last August as there is simply no point if I can't buy a fizzer or bomb. With moving on my mind, I thought I would show a few pieces I would love to buy if money were no object, and if I were allowed to spend it on such things.

All items are from Lakeland
Currently, we have a little pyrex jug, which does the job, but it's a bit, boring. I quite like the pistachio  colour of the Vintage Enamel Small Jug and feel it would go well in a country-style kitchen. A girl can dream. Now, I've been looking for some Chocolate Teacake Moulds since I saw them on Great British Bake Off last year, and they just didn't exist in the UK which seemed really odd. Why have them on the show, Mary Berry, if I can't replicate my own disastrous teacakes at home?

Lakeland have recently brought in a whole load of icing moulds, which are perfect for filling with icing as the name suggests, or chocolate. I thought I should probably only include one mould on here, so I went for the Happy Birthday Icing Mould. As a mother, I've got at least 20 more birthday cakes to make for Dylan, and then a good few for Joe as well. It might be a bit girly for my macho men, but I'm a girl and I like it.

The I Can Cook Spatula and I Can Cook Apron are sadly not for me, but for Dylan. There is a huge range of colours, and other things such as spoons, baking trays etc, but I thought these two things would be a good start. While I was making buns yesterday, I let Dylan sit with a bowl of flour and he had such fun wriggling his fingers in it and taking a spoon to count out how many spoonfuls there were. He tends to go "1...2...3....1....2...3...." over and over again, but it's a start at least.

I find using icing pens really fiddly, so I thought the Alphabet Cutter Set would be quite useful. They're all in capital letters though, so I could get my Kanye on and be all like "IMMA LET YOU FINISH, BUT THIS IS THE BEST CAKE OF ALL TIME" *ahem*. Lastly, I want the Fairground Carousel Mould because who doesn't want to make a chocolate carousel?! The base is actually a cake, so I could even use that bit to make a huge donut cake or something. Multi-use for the win!

To only have seven things on this list, I feel like such a trouper. I could quite easily buy so many things from Lakeland, and I'm sure they'd let me. I must be the only person in history who wants to spend their student loan on icing moulds and a jug!

Did any of these things whet your baking appetite? 

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