Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wednesday Wonder #2

For today's WW post, I am seeking your help. Your knowledge and wisdom. As I follow a lot of beauty based blogs, and I know for sure there are plenty more than I haven't got round to following yet, I have a bit of a question. Well, I have a lot of questions but for today's post I am going to focus on just one thing. Skincare. 

I tend to get a dry chin area, and it is really a pain in the butt. I hate wearing foundation, even with a primer, as it just will not sit right on my dry areas and it makes me really self conscious. At 21, I feel like I should have mastered this years ago, but alas, I did not. It's even worse when I see other young mums (or mums in general, really) who manage to look like fully functioning humans, and I always tend to look worse for wear. 

As well as having a dry chin/mouth area, this is also where I get a few breakouts. Nothing major, I am very lucky to have never had full on acne, but nevertheless, my confidence has taken a hit because of it.  So, I am pleading with you guys, begging you to help me on my quest to have a nice enough face that I don't need to hide in a paper bag. 

How do I rid myself of these problems? What products do you suggest? What brands do you swear by?

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