Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wednesday Wonder #1

So I have decided to start doing a weekly Wednesday 'thing' to keep me going until I get some great idea of what subject I should blog about. I considered doing another 'blog every day of the month' but I attempted that in May and it just seems too soon to bore you all with that again.

What I have I done today worth wondering about? Well, I started my new job! It's the most unglamorous job going, but it is in suuuch a pretty location! It literally has it's own lake, which is pretty cool. It's called Lower Lakes (I've only seen one lake, but I could be wrong) and it's probably the nicest place in this little town. I'm not trying to make anymore book a night here, as I think it's mostly booked by fisherman, but y'know, could be worse.

Source - I didn't take my own picture as I thought they might think I was weird and sack me haha
In addition to starting my new job today, I also rode a bike to and from work, which was a quite impressive 6.6 miles. I think that's impressive anyways, I've not rode a bike since I was 13! I'm sure I'll feel the burn tomorrow, but hopefully I'll be okay enough to do it all again on Friday. With my bad luck, the tyre will explode or something. Do bike tyres do that? I don't even know. The bike is a bit tatty, I've had to borrow it as our car failed it's MOT :( but it has a little basket in the front which I've been able to put my bag and jacket in. I would take a picture of it, but it really isn't a delight for the eyes. It's all black and, like I said, rather tatty. It has influenced me to buy a bike when I can afford one, as biking is quite good exercise and I'd love to be able to go on nice bike rides with Dylan once he learns how to do it. I would LOVE (I'm getting excited now) a Pendleton Bike, which have all been designed by Victoria Pendleton - our lovely Olympic Gold Medal winner - and they are so pretty. 

Pendleton Somerby bike in red
 I'd obviously put a little wicker basket on the front and tie my books to the back, perfect! I love how vintage this bike looks, which is the style nowadays, I guess. 

Okay, I'll stop here I think. 
Hope you've all had a good week so far, how are your Wednesdays treating you?

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  1. I really love posts like this!

    So refreshing.

    Good luck with your new job!

    1. Thank you!
      It's quite easy work but when the weather is so nice I just want to sit in the shade with an icy drink!

  2. I can't help but think how awesome that bike would look in an outfit post haha! It's gorgeous! <3


    1. I know, right? My current bike is hideous so maybe I should try and convince people it's a necessity haha


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