Saturday, 20 July 2013

Picnic Wishlist

The British summertime goes hand in hand with picnics. Sitting on a grassy knoll, nibbling on sandwiches and the like. In less than a week, I have been on two picnics. That's right, two. And sadly, for both of them I have been badly prepared. It's bad enough having a toddler to plan for (that's a whole bag dedicated to toys he won't even play with, more nappies than he uses in a week and endless amounts of baby wipes) without needing to think of silly extras. 

One thing we don't have, and in my opinion we badly need one, is a cool bag. A bit of advice, if you're going to have a picnic on the hottest day of the year, don't put frosting on your cupcakes as when you come to eat them, they will have melted and therefore be swimming in the not so frosted frosting. This is because we are cool bag-less. I'm sure one day I'll look back and laugh, but at the time it was a bit humiliating and I was really upset to have wasted five precious cupcakes.

Another thing we don't have, but need, is a study blanket. Sitting on the grass is all good and well, but when it's been recently mowed, or it hasn't rained in nearly three weeks, grass gets a bit prickly and that is not something you want. That was a sentence and a half, sorry.

Picnic Hamper | Flask | Cool Bag | Striped Cool Bag | Flower Cool Bag | Blanket
1. I desperately want a picnic hamper, despite how impractical it really is. Who walks around with a wicker basket, I mean really? *Cue hundreds of bloggers raising their hands* If I lived in Bristol or a nice place like that, I would feel more comfortable walking around with a wicker basket, but in this strange town I would probably be stoned to death.* Just look at the little beach huts, though? I think I might need to brave the stoning and just get this beauty in my life already.

2. Do you like drinking tea on a picnic? It seems really British, but I think it just seems really lovely. You could have fruit teas if you prefer, but a proper brew goes perfectly well with a sandwich or two. Of course, a flask is handy all year round, and I'm sure this heatwave summer won't become a regular thing so the flask can be used on my daily commutes to uni. A good coffee to see me through the day is just what the lecturer doctor ordered! I chose the mushroom design as it reminds me of a really funny thing Joe's little sister did at school. They were designing keyrings in woodwork, and she innocently made a 'magic mushroom' keyring. OH HOW WE LAUGHED.

3. The picture for this cool bag doesn't really give much away, if I'm honest, but I do love a pastel pairing. However, if I go a cool bag like this, I imagine Joe would be slightly reluctant in carrying all the bags for me...

4. Oh Joules and your vintage stripes. I love how simple and yet divine this design is. I need it, no questions asked. It also looks quite roomy, which is more than can be said for item number three!

5. I'm not entirely sure if this is actually a packed lunch bag, and to be honest I don't really care anymore. The design of this reminds me of something I remember from my childhood. A video or a book, maybe? It's also like a more vivid Orla Kiely design, which isn't exactly a bad thing, is it?

6. Of course, when I set my sights on the Joules cool bag, I needed the matching picnic blanket. Look at those bows, look at them! I love it when blankets have little handles to carry them by, and rolling them up makes it much more practical for storing. Is there anything Joules haven't thought of?

So there we have it, my picnic wish list! I might treat myself on my first pay day, if the tax man hasn't had his filthy paws all over it...

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  1. Hey I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award, you can find out all about it on my blog at Love your blog, looking forward to more posts!

  2. hey, I have bought the odd picnic item recently. it's hard to resist. i love these items. The Joules set is so lovely. Def treat yourself hun x

    1. If the weather stays as nice as this I think it would be silly not to treat myself! :) x

  3. I got a gorgeous picnic blanket for a gorgeous price in home bargains recently! Great post. I'd love it if you could follow my blog


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