Saturday, 8 June 2013

Dove Summer Glow - a review

 *warning, if you don't want to see some really awful leg photos, look away!*

Now, I don't really do review posts - well, I did a book review but that's not really the same thing. With the British weather being a temperamental old thing, I wasn't sure how much sun we would be getting this summer. So I thought I would try Dove's Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion. 

I've got to be honest, I've been using gradual tanners on and off for about six years, and I think this is my first time of using Dove, which claims to be the "No. 1 Gradual Self Tan Body Lotion in the UK". A big claim, if you ask me, but did it deliver?

With flash, I think it just makes me look a bit dirty...
Well, no. No it did not. On so many levels, it really didn't. First of all my legs look awful, it looks so slapdash, and even worse when I had a shower it pretty much came off onto my fluffy white towel. I'm pretty sure it isn't meant to do that, and even so I didn't have a shower straight after applying it, I had it much later on the evening. Another problem was that it was sticky and smells like biscuits. Not good when you're on a diet and all you can smell is biscuits! Hell, I'm not even a biscuity kind of gal, and this was torture! The fact that it was sticky was another huge problem for me, it claims that it will sink in and nourish your skin, but for me it just sat on top and created a horrible residue. 

Yes, that is a circle of untanned skin. How is that even possible?
I really wish I had waited for the sun to come out to tan my legs, as now I am quite ashamed to have them out in public to tan properly due to the patchiness. I can honestly say that with my history of using gradual tan this has never happened to me, even when I was a lather-it-on-like-no-tomorrow teenager. 

Obviously, a lot of people will disagree with this, if it really is the UK's favourite, so I feel doubly worse that it has been so bad for me. 

Have you tried Dove Summer Glow? Is there a gradual tanner you'd recommend?

Chelsea x


  1. I haven't tried Dove Summer Glow, but I have sensitive skin, so I'm not sure how good it would be for me. I have tried Johnson's Holiday Skin, which I have found to be quite good. It doesn't affect my skin - which is mainly why I use it - and it gives it a subtle summer tan look. So you could try that out! :)
    -- Alice xx

    1. Oh thanks, I will definitely be on the look out for that one! :)

  2. Hiya :) saw your looking for new blogs on bbloggers chat.I thought it would be easier to leave a comment with my link hope to see you there and hope you comment if you see anything you like x

  3. Oh no Looks like you had a really bad experience! What a shame. I've never tried the Dove gradual tanner but I love the Palmers cocoa butter one!

    Kylie x

    1. I think anything has to be better than this! x


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