Thursday, 20 June 2013

Book lovin'

Okay, so I've been missing for a few days, but never fear as I have returned! I've just come back from a short and sweet trip to London, so expect to hear more about that in another post when it isn't looming at bedtime o'clock. I wanted to do this little 'this or that' tag as a way to let you all know that I am alive. Unless you follow me on twitter or instagram, in which case I have been updating a hellova lot more than blogger. I'm gunna blame blogger, as it goes mental on my phone app and I hate using it.

I'm deviating, back to the tag! I found this on Callie Rose and was immediately drawn to it. I love how much books reveal about a person - probably why I'm studying Publishing at university...


Audio books or books in hand?
Books in hand, for sure. I have no idea when I would listen to an audio book, maybe on the train I guess. I used to have Winnie the Pooh on tape, but that's going waaay back!

Soft or hard cover?
I really don't mind this, although if it is a series I like them all to be the same.

Fantasy or real life?
Hmm, probably fiction as I'm not one for autobiographies - well, until Morrissey gets his book out :D

Harry Potter or Twilight?
No, just no.

Kindle, iPad or other?
I have an iPad but I hate reading books on it. I love turning pages and having a real life bookmark. Also, one of my modules was about how evil kindles are and it just makes me hate amazon more.

Borrow or buy?
Um, both? I used to love visiting the library, and I love lending my books to others. Sharing is caring!

Book store or online?
As you may have guessed, I'm not one to order from amazon. I really love book stores, and I think everyone should have a favourite! If you're ever in London you should visit the Big Green Bookstore as it is amazing, and they do comedy nights and book signings and other cool booky stuff.

Standalone or series?
I really enjoy getting to know a character and going on a 'journey' with them. I also enjoy putting a book down and knowing that I don't have to wait half a year to find out what happens next.

Monster read or short and sweet?
I love books of all sizes, I don't discriminate! Haha Angela Carter is a pro at short stories, so she is probably my favourite short story writer - her and Beatrix Potter!

Starry eyes or full of action?
What does starry eyes even mean? Like, day dreamy? I like a book I can follow, so probably somewhere in between. I don't really like it when all the action happens in the last ten pages, mind!

Curl up in your snuggie or lay in the sun?
Curl up, more than likely, but that's due to the lack of sun we have in dear old Blighty.

Hot chocolate or latte?
Tea or hot chocolate, I think. It depends if I have to make it!

Read the review or decide for yourself?
I love reading Becky's reviews, and because of her I am currently reading The Hundred-year-old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared. Other than that, I usually pick up books for myself because I fancy reading them or I know the author - not personally, for shames.

So there we have it! Some stuff about books! Feel free to also do this tag if you're a book lover or maybe even if you hate books, I bet that'd be a spicy read ;)

Chelsea x

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