Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Homely Wishlist.

Now that uni has finished for summer, I'm sure most students are jumping for joy at the idea of four months off (or longer if you've completed your final year!) I, on the other hand, am a complete bore and the idea of having nothing to do for four months fills me with dread. I've been looking for a job to fill up some time, but that search has been a bit fruitless.

Of course, when trailing on the internet to find a job, I have been sidetracked and looking at ideas I would love for our home. Semi-inspired by the wonderful Amy of Cocktails in Teacups, I have decided to do a little room-themed wishlist. The room I wanted to focus on for this post, is the bedroom. Since we moved here (many months ago) our bedroom has been rather neglected and constantly looks a mess as half of our storage is still in, erm.. storage. 

Storage Boxes | Vase | Cushion Cover | Bowl all from Wilkinsons
 Okay, so I numbered these and I'm not entirely sure why. I never usually think of buying homely things from Wilkos, as I tend to only pop in there for really odd things like curtain hooks or to buy a cheap bottle of pop while in town - I'm such a class act. I'm really quite impressed with what they have to offer so maybe I'll give them a chance when I get to decorate!

The first item is the glorious storage boxes which would be ideal for putting make up and hair things in. My nail varnishes currently live in the Pearl Lowe designed Glossy Box so I think these patterns would blend in quite nicely. I actually love most of the designs for these boxes, but picked these as they match my bedding. The little pink vase is very cute and I would love to have that in our room. We have a fake fireplace thing in our bedroom, without the fireplace (does that even make sense?) so I think it would sit nicely on the top of the mantle.  The cushion cover is just lovely and reminds me of the art deco trend that's flying about at the moment. I do like the little bowl, but I'm not exactly sure if it would fit with the other items. Or what I'd do with it, but I guess that would depend on the size.


  1. The storage boxes are so prettyyyyy!
    Saadiya x

    1. Isn't it lush? I think I need it in my life!


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