Sunday, 5 May 2013

Top Five.

Today's task for the Blog Every Day in May challenge is to list five blogs that are the bee's knees. This should be an easy task, I imagine, but I'm finding it hard to narrow it down. So, I have enlisted the help of my trusty sidekick - Abu. Now, I'm not entirely sure how his special skills will help me, but let's see the results - in no particular order...

He loved all your blogs, honest!

The only tumblr blog I follow, but damn is it good! Danniella is so hilariously funny, and she always adds a lighthearted side to her blogging. Full of beauty tips and advice, I always feel like I can trust her reviews because of how real she seems. She is also great at twitter, you should all follow her.

You all already follow Becky, right? Right?! You should. From book reviews to words of the month - it's cooler than I'm making it sound - she always has an interesting post up. Plus she blogs pretty much every day, so if you're an impatient so and so like me, she usually always has something new to look at. 

Okay, I need to be honest here - I get huge face/hair envy when I visit Lisette's blog. Not only is she a beauty, but she has the kindest soul. Sparking off Thankful Thursday's on blogs aplenty, this girl always sounds so upbeat and positive. She also isn't afraid to show herself off in some 'unforgiving' posts, I'm talking a face full of homemade scrub and gunk. 

I feel a bit like I'm cheating with this one, as I knew Kloe long before I knew she had a blog. Nevertheless, I love how honestly she blogs and she often has me in hysterics with her frankness. She isn't your average beauty blogger (haven't seen many others with a Stephen King obsession), but I love hearing what she has to say.

Amy is the sweetest blogger out there, and as a fellow mummy, I always feel drawn to her posts. Don't worry if you're a bit on the childless side, as she tends to post blogs on a huge variety of things which are bound to entertain one and all. 

So that's my top five. It took me quite a while to narrow it down, and as I said, Abu had a lot to do with it - he's a bit of a ladies monkey.

Are you doing the Blog Every Day in May challenge? Let me know who your top five are!

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  1. Thank you, Abu! I'll send you some bananas!



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