Thursday, 16 May 2013

Strolling along...

This is quite a photo heavy post, so I appreciate if you wanna skip this out.

Usually on a grey, miserable day I tend to consider the day to be an opportunity wasted. Oh, if only the sun had shone! Well, despite the weather feeling a bit grisly, we decided that we'd take a nice stroll along the canal. I would love it if we spent every Sunday doing this, as it was just really nice and quite relaxing. I finally managed to take my camera out in its temporary bag - I've ordered a snazzy one from that ol' vintage shop you may have heard of ebay - and took a few snaps. 

Dylan, Nana and Monty

A bunny! I must sound like a bunny obsessive by now. We used to have a little rabbit named Thumper, so I love seeing them hopping around. The little duckies must have been about a day old, they were rather wonderful, just following mama duck around. 

As you can see, it was still quite a grey day, but it was lovely nonetheless.

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