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Any beauty blogger with their wits about them will be aware of the brand Benefit. In fact, I'm guessing pretty much every blogger in the universe has a favourite Benefit product, I know I have! Despite not considering myself to be a beauty blogger, it is something I would like to try my hand out so let's have a look at what I found out from their event in Bristol.

15 hour primer, now that's what I'm talkin' about! As a parent/student hybrid - heck it, even as just a girl in general - something that is really important to me is a good base. I need something that will make my horrible patchy skin look immaculate and ensure that any foundation I put on isn't drawn to the dry patches or makes me look flaky. Going back to the parent/student hybrid, I am currently writing this post at 6.47am as I was rudely awoken at half five and couldn't get back to sleep. This girl's face has things it needs to hide!

To me, primers are still quite new to the beauty world, and I only tried my first primer last year, but now I wonder how I went through my life without one. I'm hoping to give you all a proper review of the primer once I actually put some make up on, it's still way too early and I'm not even considering having my morning cup o' tea when I have the day off. So for now, I'm gunna talk more about the event.

This was my first event as a blogger, so I was quite nervous to say the least. Even though the event didn't start until 6pm I needed to get the train at 4.20 as my trains are hourly and I would have been terribly late if I got the later train. I didn't mind though, as I'd never been to the venue and wanted to make sure I had enough time. The venue, The Living Room was perfect. I wish I had thought to take pictures of the place, as you can see from the above photo, the exposed brick walls were adorned with framed prints and I feel that it fit well with the Benefit style. 

Once all the blogging girls had arrived, the Benebabes got on with the show. They told us a little bit about the history of Benefit and introduced themselves. I found it really nice that they seemed to genuinely like each other, and that they were having as much fun as we were. I think that's quite important. The food they had prepared for us was truly amazing, and although I'm quite a fussy eater, I was more than pleased. I did take some photos but they were less than impressive - still getting to grips with my camera settings! 

Now, I don't wanna brag, but my catlike reflexes bagged me two - yes, TWO - make up kits. On top of already receiving some Hello Flawless foundation, the new-not-even-in-stores-yet Stay Flawless Primer and a foundation brush, it's safe to say that the people at Benefit are more than kind. I thought we might get some little samples to try, seeing as it's not even available to buy yet, so I was pleasantly surprised. 

The foundation was colour-matched, and I ended up being colour-matched twice as Lisa the Head Make up & Trend Artist & Brow Expert (job title and a half!) thought that my first matching could be a liiiittle bit better suited, and I'm so glad I followed her advice and swapped. I was initially given an Ivory shade, which I have had found to be the case with other make-up brands (sorry, Benefit!) so I didn't really question it. 

However, I am one of those lucky people that always seems to have a red face, no matter how much make up I've caked on. Lisa knew that I needed a foundation that would counteract the redness and swapped my ivory for Champagne. I don't know about you, but give a girl Champagne and it's a done deal! I tried it out a little once I got home, and the difference was outstanding. Literally the smallest dot blended in perfectly to make me look like a real girl!

Thank you so much for hosting an amazing event, Benefit! I look forward to testing out all the kit and hopefully reviewing it on here!

Is anyone else going to a #StayFlawless event? I'd love to see your night went!

Chelsea x

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  1. I love seeing posts about events people go to they always look so fun :) I just started blogging literally last week but I'd love for there to be some in my area. They are just a great way to meet other bloggers, it would be nice to have a face to face conversation with someone who loves makeup as much as myself haha!

    Hannah x


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