Saturday, 11 May 2013

Reading time.

I love reading, I always have. When I was little my favourite books were The Tales of Peter Rabbit (and the rest of them) by Beatrix Potter. The stories were just so beautifully written, and I felt like the drawings were specially drawn for me. Obviously, as a wee nipper I didn't really understand the mass publication side of books, but I felt special reading them. To be honest, I was probably a bit obsessed with the books, I still have all my Peter Rabbit teddies, and I used to have bedding and a matching bean bag chair. So cool, so 90s.

I still love Peter Rabbit and I hope I always will.

As I got a bit older, I started reading The Chronicles of Narnia. I'll be honest with you and tell you that I refuse to watch the films. They didn't even start with the first book! I did, however, watch a really old BBC adaptation when I was about 10 or so, and that is what made me want to read the books. I'm so glad I did, as they quickly became my favourite collection. I don't even know how many times I've read then, but I'd recommend them to everybody. 

The imagery of Narnia is so vivid, and certainly in the later books, it provokes my memories of Turkey. If you've been to Turkey and visited some of the less 'resort' places, you will know what I mean. I think this is what links me so strongly with the books, as it reminds me of some of my favourite places to visit. Of course, you might know that Aslan is Turkish for lion, or that there is some reference to Turkish Delight in the books, but it really does stem much further than that for me.

Clearly the ruins of Charn!

Another thing I love about them, is that it reminds me of my Grandad. When reading The Magician's Nephew, I asked my mother about when it was set. Even at an early ages, I like getting myself truly involved with the characters. She told me that it was around the same time that my Grandad was a little boy, but I imagine it was probably earlier than that. Despite this, whenever the children are mentioned in the book, it always reminds me of him and it's such a wonderful feeling. I hope my grandad wasn't that wild and adventurous, but who knows?

Even now, if I'm stuck for something to read, I'll pick up one of the books and let it take me away to a far off land.

What are your favourite books? Anything you think I should read?


  1. Chelsea this post has really made me want to go and read the books I loved growing up! Haha I loved Peter Rabbit, I have all of them in this lovely box from when I younger I also have my mams copy of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle from the 60s/70s its such a nice copy.
    I loved the Narnia books too, I'm not a huge fan of the movies though.
    Kloe xx

    1. Mrs Tiggy-Winkle was a good'en!
      I've vowed never to watch the Narnia films


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