Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Dream Job.

Okay, this is a strange start to this post, but bear with me. When I was little, I wanted to be the usual things, like a princess or a ballerina like most girls, but one day we were invited to a family friends house when I was about six. We were visiting one of my dad's friends, and he was showing off his new girlfriend. Not to me, obviously, six year olds don't really care about that sort of thing. I think she was called Sammy or something, but she had a pony, a pink car and her dog would dance along to the Spice Girls. She instantly became my favourite person ever, and I wanted to be like her. Can you guess what her job was? That's right, she was a 'glamour' model. Cue me at school telling my teacher I didn't need to go to school to be a model and my dad being called in... Those were the days.

Since then, I've stopped wanting a dancing dog and a pink car - I still always ask my dad for a pony on my birthday though - so my dream job has changed, thankfully. At school, I wanted to become a History or Maths teacher as it just seemed really fun and engaging. I think it helped that both my teachers was a brilliant, intelligent women. However, at college my experience of history and maths was less than I expected, and I changed my mind again. I wanted to work in psychology and change the world, one person at a time. I went to London to uni and that just didn't work out. 

Then, one day in February 2012, it was decided that we might be moving to Somerset. So I had a look at what courses I might be able to do with the grades I already had. I stumbled upon a Publishing course, and it just sounded brilliant. I honestly love this course so much, and it has helped rekindle my love with books. I hope to one day work at Penguin and I'd love a placement in New York if that could happen - wishful thinking, slightly. I'm still not sure what area of publishing I'd like to work in, so many areas fascinate me. I'm not a very 'designy' girl, but I really enjoy that. My spelling is appalling, but I love finding little errors in shop signs and leaflets. 

I love how iconic the Penguin design is, and I even have a book about how it has changed over time, I'm such a Penguin fangirl! I would love a chance to work there, and I hope to one day make that dream come true. 

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  1. That would be the perfect job! Good luck in the future x



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