Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Food glorious food!

For a long time I had a love/hate relationship with food. As a child, I the worst experiences with food as my dad was a rubbish cook. This meant that mealtimes would consist of something he could just stick in the oven and forget about for half an hour. As I grew a bit older, I became more reluctant to try new foods, and this led me to becoming stuck in a rut with my eating habits. I'm not entirely sure what caused the change in my life, but I am so glad it happened!

It might not sound amazing, but my favourite food has to be pie. Until last year, I had never even had gravy before, so having homemade pie was something of a triumph for me. My loving other half makes the best pie, and we've been toying on the idea of opening up a pie and cake show - haha! He seriously does make the best Steak and Ale pie. 

This is what happens when I get really random cookie cutters!
Joe really is one of the greatest food-inspirers (is that a thing?) in my life. He bakes bread, does the most amazing pulled pork and he lives with me! It's like having my own personal chef, and I realise I am very lucky to have him. Without him I'd have never tried a moroccan style tagine, or my beloved pie! The list goes on, really.

As you may know, I love baking. I really wish I had more time to bake things, but for now I bake every other week or so, unless it's a special occasion. I'd really love to work on my cake decorating skills (or lack thereof) but it seems like a bit of a waste when it's just me and Joe who get to enjoy them.

Do you have any suggestions of food for me to try next? 
Maybe something a bit more exciting than pie, haha!

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