Friday, 3 May 2013

Day in the Life

Okay, so I'm going to be honest and tell you right away that I didn't take my camera with me today. As I was at uni, and I don't have a camera bag, I was very worried about accidentally bashing it or something. Honestly, that would kill me. If you've got any recommendations for a cute, not boring bag that would suit a small D-SLR, give me a heads up!

Right then, on to my day. On uni days I have to wake up at 6AM which is a nightmare. I need to creep around the house so that I don't wake everybody up, and sadly the pipes in this house are ancient, so I'm always surprised that they don't wake everyone when I turn on the shower or heating!

After that I get dressed, obviously, and then potter around the house for a bit with a brew. This time is usually spent preparing my bag if I didn't do it the night before, or checking bloglovin'. 

Definitely need to clean my desk off!
After spending an hour on the train, and then so many hours at uni I do the unthinkable - that's right, I get on another train. As I didn't take my camera I've skipped this bit out, but I reckon you've all been on a train before.

Once I'm home, I like to chill out a bit by playing with the little one and annoying the dog. Depending on how late it is, we sometimes take Monty for a walk to the nearest field and let him run free. He doesn't go far due to his stubby legs, but he enjoys it all the same. Sadly, we didn't got for a walk today, so have a blurry picture of Monty getting over-excited about dinner instead. As you can see he's licking his chops in anticipation.

This is the still-est I could get. Silly dog.
After that, I arranged some flowers. Aren't they pretty?

That's pretty much all the excitement to my Friday so far. I've tidied away some toys, which were then chucked back out of their places, and had some food. I won't tell you what I had as I'm twenty-one and my dinner was more suited to a five year old. I don't have any plans for this evening, but hopefully I'll have an action packed weekend to make up for it!

How's your day been? Are you doing the BEDM thing? Send me your links! 

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