Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Record Store Day 2013!

I'm not sure if you've noticed or not, but I quite like music. I try not to be a music snob and I don't believe in having guilty pleasures (everyone loves a bit of Wham! right?) so I try to be as respectful to everyone who shares their tastes and interests with me. Now, having said that, the girls on my uni course tend to think that I will shun them if they tell me they like chart music, but I am nice really.

After that little intro, let's get on to the real deal! On Saturday, my little family and I took an early trip to Bristol in order to visit Rise, a lovely independent record store, and see if we could snap up some goodies. As we had a bit of a drive, we weren't the first ones there, and by quite a large margin! We were given ticket number 282 - gulp - ordered a coffee from the coffee shop downstairs, and waited anxiously for our number to draw nearer.

I look a bit like I'm trying to teach him the Macarena or something.
Factory Floor
Kate Bush
The other side of Kate Bush

As it turns out, Rise were having some live bands in to celebrate Record Store Day and as we had brought a toddler with us, I decided to take him for a stroll around the city so that we didn't demolish his little ear drums. Joe stayed behind to pick up the vinyl - he managed to get his hands on Pulp - After You, which was the one I really wanted, The Olympics reworking of Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush (which is just newer vocals, really) and a Factory Floor green vinyl. I think he also got the new Hookworms album, but that wasn't really a Record Day special.

Bit of Banksy to keep you interested.

After a nice stroll by the City Hall, which is a lovely building - it's so much nicer than your average city hall, I reckon - Joe finally found us and was carrying a bag full of records. We then had a walk back into the actual centre, and had a mooch around the shops. By lunchtime we were feeling a bit peckish and headed off to Pieminister! I swear to god, if I don't turn into a pie it will be a miracle. 

I ordered a Shamrock Pie, with extra gravy and some grated cheese to sprinkle into the madness. I have a serious pie problem, I've had pie twice this week now. So, that was my Record Store Day 2013! I was really glad to take part this year, I'd missed last year's for some unknown reason. By anyone's standards, I think I had a pretty good Saturday!

Did you get anything on Record Store Day or did you do something else on Saturday? 

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  1. Yey for record store day - we came away with so many new vinyl's!


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