Friday, 5 April 2013

Hair Mare

Hello my lovelies, I thought I would give you a more personal post today. The weather is being a bit funny so I'm struggling to find somewhere bright to take some photos for any outfit posts.

As you can probably gather, this post will be about my hair. "Again?!" You cry! But with a twist, I guess. At the ripe old age of 21, I need to admit something that I am kind of ashamed about - I am greying. I'm not sure if it is some sort of hair karma for all the dye I've damaged it with, but now I am graced with stubborn silver dashes which will not budge for love nor money.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'd quite like a whole head of grey hair, in an arty fashionable kind of way, but as I have such naturally dark hair, these little bits are so noticeable (to me at least) and it gets a bit distressing. I've also fancied the idea of a grey streak Caitlin Moran style, but I think I'd just look like an idiot.

Kelly's lush lilac and grey hair | Caitlin's streak

Y'see, hair colour and greyness is all determined by your mother's side of genes, and my maternal Grandfather had a hair of glorious white locks at the age of 20. Now, my hair isn't quite as drastic as that, but I can thank him for inheriting his silver strands as well as his witty humour.

I'm not entirely sure when this started happening, but I think it's certainly went up a notch since I became a parent, and even more so when the little one was mobile - gee, those were some stressful days. Also, I'm not sure if stress has something to do with it, or if, like I previously mentioned, it is due to genetics. Either way, it looks like the grey is here to stay.

In this case, I'd like to know any suggestions you might have as to how I can make myself happy with this. I've tried dyeing over the grey but that hasn't worked. Basically every home-dye kit I've used does nothing for the grey, even if stating they'll cover 100% grey colouring - which is rubbish and costly! I'm hoping to try the new L'oreal Mousse Absolue and see if that makes any difference so fingers crossed!

Would you be happy going grey at 21? What tips do you have for me? Should I brave a streak?


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    1. I know what you mean, sometimes I think yeah, I am rocking this grey but other times it really gets to me. Silly stuff, hair.

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    1. I would really really love this, but I've only really got my hair to a nice condition and I'd cry if I had to chop it all ff again! Such a dilemma!


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